Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sam Garden Cafe 原鄉味 @ Bukit Mertajam

Last tuesday, after came back from Sg Lembing, we were looking for a place that can copy our travel photos, at the same time, just want to hang out...

While looking for a place that can place our notebook and hopefully not having an awful dinner, we checked out a quite new cafe in town, Sam Garden Cafe.

The shop located at Kampung Baru, just further down from Dim Sum City (點心城).

Not much choices on food, but lots of variety for drinks.
My order, Loh Bak (not penang loh bak lah...) 滷肉飯 
with vege and acha as side dishes.

My gal had a Honey Chicken Rice.

The photos decorated as the interior caught our eyes once we entered to the shop. It seems pretty obvious they were shoot by the owner... Nice, with some flaws...
We meet a lady in the shop, who is the sister of the shop owner. And... she is the photographer~ see... I'm so smart! Nice lady, with passion in photography... I like it.

The food are quite nice, not so heavy nor oily... (as she said, balance diet on their dish).
Overall, i think we pretty enjoy our time there.